Daily chores become a strain once cancer enters our lives. Patients with cancer who live at home often require help with activities of daily living, basic medical care (eg, injections), social needs, and patient advocacy. Most of that support comes from members of the patient’s family, mainly from women (role as wife or mother).

These women themselves require support so that they can be effective and maintain their well-being while caring for patients with cancer. In view of this, Butterfly has initiated this program to empower women from cancer-affected families to achieve self-sufficiency & sustainability.

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  • Educated/ Uneducated women with cancer or from cancer-affected families
  • Cancer-affected women who cannot work or women more than 60 years of age or families affected with cancer or other critical illnesses and dependent on their spouse:

We provide

  • Support to empower lone mothers and needy women from cancer afflicted families
  • Financial and moral support
  • Helping hand to find opportunities for self-employment and material support
  • In special cases, constructing new-houses when they are affected by situations like a flood.