Our Process of Medical Care

1. Eligibility Check of Patients

A physician who diagnosed the disease or currently treating the patient will be the primary recruiter or consultant for the patient. He/she may submit an application to BCCF in a prescribed format with recommendations based on the need and eligibility for support.

The primary inclusion criteria will be:

  • The patient is not completely covered under a medical insurance scheme.
  • The annual income of the family is INR 3,00,000/-
  • The parents are not government employees who may get reimbursement for treatment costs
  • The patient is already fully supported by another charity organization. If the support is partial, we shall extend the rest of the support.

2. Eligibility Screening

Once the doctor gives the opinion ad eligibility preview, then it has to be passed to BCCF. Initial screening of the application will be done by the BCCF Governing council and coordinators. This process may take 2 working days approximately.Once finalized, the status of the application will be intimated to the doctor and parent by mail or telephone

3. Clinical Opinion

Once selected, the case will be presented to the ` Panel of Doctors’ for their advice. The panel at BCCF is highly experienced and has worked on various cancer conditions, and treatments. As per the age of the child, a route map of the treatment process will be charted out by the medical experts.

4. Plan Execution

Based on the recommendations of the expert panel and primary physician, the next phase will be document the treatment. For this, the final decisions on additional diagnosis and treatment will be taken. An overall budget will be estimated and advertised through the web for fundraising.

5. Accounting & Fund Management

As soon as we receive financial support for a particular patient, it will be transferred to the patient through the primary doctor/ hospital / or diagnostics center. The payment will be made on actual expenses related to diagnosis, treatment, and hospitalization.

6. Quality & Progress Reporting

Progress of the treatment will be updated through our monthly newsletter /web/ FB page. All donations and expenses will be audited annually and a report will be made available to the public. This makes our services transparent and always accessible to the world.