Butterfly Cancer Care Program (Assisting with treatment)

Butterfly Cancer Care focuses on a one-to-one relationship with parents and patients to address the cancer challenge. Any individual or community worker who comes across an issue can be recommended to the Butterfly Team. In another mode, the treating doctor or a doctor who knows the patient can also be the primary recruiter. With the Doctor’s recommendation, the patient or the family may submit an application in a prescribed format, to request support from BCCF based on need and eligibility.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Patient is not completely covered under a medical insurance scheme
  • The annual income of the family is below INR 3,00,000/-.
  • The parents are not government employees who may get reimbursement for the treatment cost.
  • The patient is already fully supported by another charity organization. If the support is partial, we shall extend the rest of the support.

We provide

  • Financial support for diagnosis, tests, and treatment process
  • Information on treatment options, suitable hospitals, and the availability of expert doctors
  • Provide financial support for accommodation and transportation during cancer treatment.
  • Provide rehabilitation support to cancer survivors to go back to normal life.

Butterfly Children's Free Clinic

In 2018, BCCF established Butterfly Children’s Free Clinics in Kerala, partnering with locally serving doctors. The goal is to provide early diagnosis for children so that parents can bring them in for a consultation without worrying about the cost. Butterfly offers free consultations and sponsors diagnosis charges for kids who may have any symptoms that could indicate cancer. This way, parents can get the peace of mind they need and children can get the treatment they need as soon as possible.

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