Butterfly Cancer Care Foundation

Butterfly Cancer Care Foundation is a registered charitable organization (Reg. No: EKM/TC/800/2013, Kerala state), focusing predominantly on pediatric cancer care. In order to help children and parents affected by cancer either directly or indirectly (through family members) we have multiple programs that include the process of diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

We strive to aid low-middle income families and help them with all-round holistic support to fight cancer by providing emotional and mental health counseling, clinical care guidance, financial support for diagnosis & treatment, educational scholarships for children, free/discounted cancer-medicines, self-reliance and empowerment of women suffering due to cancer in the family.


Access to quality cancer care and successful rehabilitation of cancer-affected children


Our mission is to support and empower low/middle-income families to fight cancer through early detection, effective treatment, strong mental health, and successful rehabilitation

How we work

  • We are committed to improving the overall quality of life of cancer or critical illness patients and their families.
  • Through experiencing the substantial challenges in providing quality care for pediatric cancer patients from economically backward families, we recognized that illness-related suffering has many aspects beyond the actual sickness of patients.
  • This will include, economic burden, emotional and psychological setbacks, lack of awareness, access to expertise, mobility, discontinuity of education, loss of job, social isolation, etc.
  • Therefore, keeping a holistic approach to provide overall support, butterfly devised -different programs to address each of these specific challenges

Our Prestigious Initiatives