‘Our lives will no longer be the same without the laughter and joy of our children'

They are butterflies of our life...They are God's blessings who fill our life with joy, delight, colors and celebrations. Their smiles fulfill our heart’s deepest desire and brighten-up our world.

But alas…..not all lives remain untouched from the clasps of gloom!! What if something as scary as Cancer creeps into these beautiful lives? What if, we have to watch the light in their eyes fade away?

Those would be the darkest days of our life. Life will be no more the same. Everything would centre down to finding a ray of hope. 
With money to bank upon, the hunt would be a little easier. Best hospitals, best doctors, best treatment; everything ‘best’ can be tried. But…if, there is no money!

What will we do..dear friends..? 
In our hospitals, we see many parents who are unable to afford even the minimal cost of basic diagnosis. We also come across terrible incidents of young patients accepting death…just because their parents are unable to afford the cost of treatment. This is the grim reality, particularly in countries where poor families are not protected by medical insurance schemes.

In developed countries, ~ 80% of pediatric cancer patients are cured with the help of early diagnosis and advanced therapy. But in developing and under developed countries, only 25-30% patients are cured, mainly because of inadequate clinical and financial support…..

Can we do something to change this situation?

Can we care these little kids better?
Can we provide world-class treatment for them?
Can we get the help of best doctors around the world to save these kids…?

We think…Yes, We can…!...If you are with us...